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PROVA 801/803 Digital Multi-Meter 60,000 count and dual input channels 0.04% DC basic accuracy and 0.2% AC basic accuracy Bandwidth of 10KHz(max) Fast ACV, ACA response Dual channels measurement similar to a dual channels DSO(V+V,V+A) Hz + duty cycle dual display Capacitance measurement Standalone data logging of 10,708 records for both channels(803) RS-232C interface Application Software (Option) 1/7 the cost Multimeter
PROVA 901/903 Digital Multi-Meter The DMM to replace your bench-top one 0.02% DC and 0.1% AC basic accuracy 60,000 counts resolution 200KHz (max.) bandwidth True RMS with fast ACV/ACA response Dual channels measurement similar to a dual channels DSO (V+V, V+A) RS-232C ASCII interface Data logging (model 903 with 10,708 records for both channels) Capacitance measurement Free software (901,903) 1/3 the cost Multimeter
PROVA-11 AC/DC mA True RMS Clamp Meter Super High Resolution DC 1mA, AC 0.1mA One Touch Zero for DCA True RMS DC/AC Current Clamp Meter
PROVA-15 AC/DC mA Current Probe High Resolution DC 1mA, AC 0.1mA Connect to an Oscilloscopes to observe Current Waveform Connect to Chart Recorder/Datalogger/ DMM to Record Current Data DC/AC Current Clamp Meter
PROVA-2000/2003 Clamp Meter DC/AC 2000A Cable f 55mm, Bus Bar 72mm(D) x 22mm(W) True RMS (2000) Average Sensing (2003) DCA One Touch Zero Auto Range A, V, W Continuity Max/Min/Hold Relative Measurement DC/AC Current Clamp Meter
PROVA-2009 AC/DC True RMS Watt Clamp AC+DC 1200KW DC/AC 2000A & ANALOG OUTPUT Cable F 55mm True RMS Temperature ( ℃ or ℉ ) 0.1 ℃ / ℉ Resolution DC/AC Current Clamp Meter
PROVA-100 4-20mA LOOP CALIBRATOR 4-20mA, with 1 μ A resolution Basic Accuracy 0.025% + 5 μ A Auto-Ramp and Easy Step Functions 1-100% Input 0-20mA, 0-24mA Selectable Easy Just-Type-in Number Operation Calibrator
PROVA-125 Temperature Calibrator Simple & Easy to key-in the exact temperature value you need Dual LCD display to show the Reference Room Temperature at the same time Accept 11 different type of Thermocouple (K, J, E, T, R, S, N, L, U, B, C) Auto-Ramp & T function Calibrator
PROVA-123 Process Calibrator 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-24mA with 1 m A resolution 0-100mV with 10 m V resolution 0-12V with 1mV resolution Thermocouple K,J,E,T TYPE 1 o C 1 o F resolution Frequency 2 - 50,000Hz Calibrator
PROVA-5601/5637 Clamp-on Ground Resistance Tester Non-Contact Ground Resistance Measurement No Auxiliary Electrode Needed Jaw Diameter Φ 23 mm (5601) Jaw Diameter Φ 35 mm(5637) 0.025 – 1500 Ohm 0.2mA– 30A(5601)0.2mA– 35A(5637),True RMS 116 Sets of Memory(5601,5637) Programmable Hi and Lo Alarm(5601,5637) Programmable Data Logging (5601,5637) Telecommunication Cable TV system Electrical Power Plant Cellular Phone System Factory and Facility Gas Station Tank Earth / Ground Tester
PROVA-8500 Energy-Saving Tester Standby power measurement ( 0 to 100W width 0.001W resolution) Regular power(0~2000W) 100W AC power supply + AC power analyzer] Programmable nominal output (85V to 250V , 45Hz to 65Hz) power quality measurement (W , PF , V , A) PC programmable through RS-232C interface( Optional RS-232C to USB bridge) Programmable Over current protection (OCP) Memory of 99 preset voltage and frequency Standby and Operation Button Back space for easy correction Standby power measurement of note... Power Analyzer
PROVA-6600 3 Φ Power Clamp 3 f 4W, 3 f 3W, 3 f Balanced, 1 f 2W, and 1 f 3W Power Measurement. AC+DC true power, and True RMS AC Voltage and Current AC+DC 2000A, AC 600V, DC 800V AC+DC 1200KW(1 f ), AC+DC 2000KW (3 f ) Dual Display V+Hz, A+Hz, W+PF, KVA+KVAR, V+A Phase Angle Measurement 3 f RST(L1L2L3) Sequence Indication. Memory of 4 records. DCA/DCW Auto Zero when power clamp powering on. AC/DC Auto Detection. Auto range. Power Clamp Meter
PROVA-6601 3 Φ PF Power Clamp PF( 3 Φ 3W , 3 Φ 4W 1Φ 2W ) AC+DC 2000A, 600V Power Factor AC+DC 1200KW(1 Φ ) AC+DC 200KW(3Φ ) AC/DC Auto Detection Dual Display V+Hz, A+V,KW+PF,KVA+KVAR Power Clamp Meter
PROVA-8000 Programmable Power Supply Over-Voltage , Over-Current Protection Built-in Buzzer Alarm Easy RECALL and STORE functions Stby / Operate Button English-like RS-232C commands OCP With Programmable Timer 200 Sets of Memory AUTO-STEP function with programmable interval Bi-direction RS-232C interface 3.8 kg / 8.4 Lbs weight Power Supply / Inverter
PROVA-6200 Graphic Power Quality Analyzer Analysis for Single Phase and Balanced 3 phase system True RMS Value (V and I) Active Power (K,KW,MW,GW) Apparent (VA,KVA,MVA) and Reactive Power (VAR,KVAR,MVAR) Power Factor (PF), Phase Angle( Φ ) Energy (WH,KWH,KVARH,PFH) Programmable PT(1 to 3000)Ratios Display of Overlapped Voltage and Current Waveform Maximum Demand (MD in W,KW,MW) with programmable Period Harmonic Analysis (V and I) to 50th Order Display of 25 Harmonics in one screen Optical Isolated RS-232C Interface Smart... 3 Phase Power Analyzer
PROVA-300XP Portable Thermal Printer Portable Field Printing for Certificate Text and Graphics Two Selectable Fonts (5*7 and 8*16) Programmable text Header and Footer Battery and AC Power Adaptor RS-232C Interface (Optional RS-232C to USB Bridge) Fixed Interval Continuous Printing(5, 30, 60, 300 seconds) Printer
PROVA 200A/210 Solar Module Analyzer 60V, 6A (PROVA 200A) 60V, 12A (PROVA 210) I-V Curve Test for Solar Cell Max. Voltage (Vmaxp) and Max. Current (Imaxp) at Max. Power (Pmax) I-V Curve with cursor Calculation of Efficiency (%) Solar Power Meter
PROVA 700 Milli-Ohmmeter Best resolution 1μΩ. Accuracy 0.05% 5A (120 mΩ) max. test current. Manual or Auto Range. (There are 6 ranges of current measurement, and furthermore 3 ranges in each current range.) Measurement of resistive and inductive materials (Two terminal measurement; Four terminal Kelvin measurement) Programmable Hi-Lo alarm with memory of 20 data. Auto-judgments of Hi (readings higher than Hi-Limit), Lo (readings lower than Lo-Limit) and Pass (readings between Hi-Lo Limits). Alarm (beeper) for... Milli-Ohmmeter