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GRT0003- METAL WAND FOR THEFT PREVENTION/SECURITY PURPOSES WITH SOUND,LED,VIBRATION ALARM(USA)   From airports, schools and special events to courthouses, corrections and law enforcement, the new GRT0003 makes everyone an effective security screener The GRT0003’s exclusive 3600 Plus detection field provides uniform sensitivity 3600 along the scan area and pinpointing at the tip--all to detect weapons and other metal objects with extreme accuracy. Current user: Grand Paragon Hotel, Johor Bahru. Handheld Metal Detector From airports, schools and... Metal Scanners/Locators
GRT0001- METAL SCANNER FOR THEFT PREVENTION/SECURITY PURPOSE WITH SOUND,LED ALARM (MADE IN USA)   Optimum sensitivity with automatic retuning. Detects all ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel weapons, contraband and other metallic objects. Current user: One World Hotel, Damansara, Kuala Lumpur Features and Specifications: Ultimate sensitivity not subject to arbitrary adjustment Auto tuning means no adjustments are ever necessary Simple and effective one switch operation Rugged high-impact A.B.S. case with reinforced coil compartment Meets or exceeds all regulatory... Metal Scanners/Locators
GRT0024-CS5000A Walk Through Metal Detectors Cost Effective, Solid Security Original from USA. No LED Lights. Metal Scanners/Locators
GRT0006-PD6500iC Service-Free Walk-through Metal Detector (Made in USA)-PD6500i Original from USA. 1-sided LED Lights. 2-sided LED lights available. Please check with salesperson. Metal Scanners/Locators
GRT0023-MS3500 Reinforced Panel For Rough Conditions Original from USA. Reinforced walk through metal detectors. Please check with salesperson. Metal Scanners/Locators
BSD0002-Under Vehicles Inspection Mirror with torchlight - High Quality Original from USA. Hard to come by products. Equipped with adjustable swivel for infinite adjustment Has a heavy-duty extruded rubber rim to prevent damaging objects when maneuvering Lightweight with a 51" handle Low 3.5" ground clearance Metal Scanners/Locators
FISHER GOLD BUG-2 METAL DETECTOR / 1 YR FACTORY WARRANTY-FIS001 Extreme Sensitivity to Small Gold Nuggets High Precision Dual-Control Ground Balance Iron Disc Mode for Iron & Hot Rock Rejection Deep Target Audio Boost Lightweight & Hip-Mountable Available with Either a 6 ½” or 10” Elliptical Search Coil Operating Frequency: 71 kHz Our detector is ORIGINAL from USA. Many other online sellers are selling pirated one. Beware! Metal Scanners/Locators
AT PRO METAL DETECTOR W/ FREE ACCESSORIES Relic Hunting Coin Shooting Prospecting Cache Hunting Jewelry Hunting Shallow Water Searching Metal Scanners/Locators
Pro-pointer Metal Detector-GRT0028 Proportional audio/vibration pulse rate target indicators Pinpoint tip detection 360 degrees side scan detection area LED light for low light uses Scraping blade for searching soil Metal Scanners/Locators
ACE 350 METAL DETECTORS WITH FREE ACCESORIES • Enhanced Iron Resolution™: allows more control of iron discrimination levels; helps separate good targets from adjacent junk iron. • Powerful new Double-D searchcoil: provides greater detection depth and performance in mineralized grounds and excellent scanning coverage. • Higher Frequency: offers improved ability to detect low- and midconductivity items (i.e. gold nuggets, jewelry, lead relics) • Volume Control Headphones: included with purchase • Electronic Pinpointing: to... Metal Scanners/Locators
Scorpion Gold Stinger-GRT0016 "Tried and True" gold prospecting metal detector.No other gold-hunting detector can match the three-mode versatility offered by the GRT0016 Scorpion Gold Stinger™ metal detector. Just a flip of a switch is all it takes to change from Non-Motion All-Metal operation to Motion Discriminate and search for coins. Flip the switch again for true TR discrimination in order to accurately identify conductive ore. · The Stinger's famous GRT0016 Groundhog (15kHz) circuitry is reputed for... Metal Scanners/Locators
Master Hunter CX Plus Metal Detector-GRT0017 Master Hunter Metal Detectors For extraordinary depth and efficiency under the toughest operating and ground conditions nothing beats Garrett's renowned all-purpose Master Hunter detectors. For hunters with a penchant for deeply buried treasures, both the CX Plus and the CXIII can be equipped with Garrett's exclusive Treasure Hound Depth Multiplier which can help you reach caches and large treasure that many other detectors can't reach. The CX Plus is the series... Metal Scanners/Locators
GTI 1500 Metal Detector-GRT0012   The Graphic Target Imaging (GTI) Series is planted firmly at the crossroads of pure engineering genius and unexploited treasure hunting adventure. Make no mistake about it, the GTI 2500 and 1500 are the highest performing metal detectors on the market! How can we be so confident in our GTI detectors? Because unlike all other detectors out there, the GTI 2500 and 1500 offer you True Imaging features. That means you get unparalleled Target ID as well as True Size and Depth driven by... Metal Scanners/Locators
Seahunter Mark 2 Metal Detector-GRT0015 Includes Stock Coil, Operators Manual, Headphones Find more rings and less trash with Garrett's new Sea Hunter Mark II. The Mark II boasts a unique, groundbreaking technology in the form of a patented Discrete Trash Elimination mode that discriminates unlike any conventional pulse induction (PI) detector. Avoiding trash at the expense of valuable targets has long been a problem of conventional PI detectors. But now, thanks to the microprocessor-driven, Sea Hunter Mark II, you... Metal Scanners/Locators
Infinium LS Metal Detector-GRT0014 Includes Operating DVD, Operators Manual If you prefer the road less traveled, far removed from the concrete jungles of civilization where man is but a mere guest of nature, then the Infinium LS is the detector for you. Whether it's 200 feet below the sea or on top of the snow-peaked mountain, the Infinium LS pushes ahead in those rugged, mineralized conditions where other detectors crumble. Looking for gold in Australia or Arizona? Searching volcanic... Metal Scanners/Locators
Ace 250 Metal Detector-GRT0008 GRT0008-Ace 250 Metal Detector Feature Loaded and Powerful ! Includes Search Coil, 4-AA Batteries, Operators Manual, Instructional DVD Welcome to the feature loaded GRT0008 metal detector. With 40 years of engineering prowess behind it and a head turning sporty, outdoor design, this machine was made to perform for the 21st Century treasure hunter. But don't be fooled, this detector doesn't win first in its class on looks alone! Its as new on the inside as it is on the... Metal Scanners/Locators
CSI 250 Metal Detector-GRT0005 Metal locator Metal Scanners/Locators
GTI 2500 Metal Detector-GRT0011   KKI GRT0011 GTI 2500 Metal Detector Includes Stock Coil, Operators Manual, Product DVD Training Video And while supplies last: Garrett Environmental Control House Cover The Graphic Target Imaging (GTI) Series is planted firmly at the crossroads of pure engineering genius and unexploited treasure hunting adventure. Make no mistake about it, the GTI 2500 and 1500 are the highest performing metal detectors on the market! How can we be so confident in our GTI detectors?... Metal Scanners/Locators