Kyoritsu 5402D

Category: RCD Tester
Accurate digital readout of tripping time.
Two neon lamps give quick check for correct wiring.
Compact, lightweight and simple to operate.
Zero cross circuitry permits testing at 0 and 180 degree portion of sine wave. At these two tests minimum (best) and maximum (worst) trip times will be displayed.
Rated Tripping Current 5/10/30/100/300/500mA
Fault Condition Settings × 1/2, × 1, Fast (250mA)
Trip Current Duration 2000ms, 40ms (Fast Trip)
Lowest Resolution 1ms
Trip Time Accuracy |±2%rdg±3dgt
Operating Voltage 220/230/240V 50Hz/60Hz
Withstand Voltage 2200V AC for 1 minute
Dimensions 140(L) × 90(W) × 20(D)mm
Weight 350g approx.
Accessories 7019 (Test Leads)
Carrying Case
Instruction Manual
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