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GNA2044-SD-1104V2 2-CHANNEL SMOKE DETECTOR WITH 4-20MA OUTPUT & DISPLAY GNA2044 is a microprocessor internal 2-channel smoke detector. GNA2044 is an environment-adaptive smoke detector which displays the concentration on the back light LCD by receiving the serial signals from two sensors and by processing them in the digital mode, and performs the variety of local functions in digital process mode. Also, it can ensure the effective remote control by stably outputting the analog serial signals to external control unit such as PLC/DDC. As one of big advantages... Smoke detectors
TST0299-Digital smoke count determination New electronic smoke tester from Germany - Quality Workmanship The manual measurement of smoke count, which has been used for decades, is history. The new electronic will replace the time-consuming determination of smoke count used up to now. This new technology not only offers more convenience, but also a degree of precision never before achieved in this price class – high-tech for trade experts. Whether as a tough tool for flue gas measurements on all kinds of oil burners, or as a starter... Smoke detectors