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KIK007- PAT60-67T DC POWER SUPPLY 4000W, 0 TO 60V/0 TO 67A KIKUSUI 4000W, 0 to 60V/0 to 67A The PAT-T Series is a constant voltage/constant current, auto-shifting, switching DC power supply. It features a soft switching system that offers greater efficiency and lower noise. At the same time, it makes full use of high-density packaging technology to reduce the unit’s size and weight.The chassis is the standard rack width (430 mm), and is about 130 mm (3U) high and 550 mm deep. The output power is 8 kW. Compared to series regulated products of the same... Power Supply
KIK008- PWR1600L DC POWER SUPPLY 0-80V, 0-100A, 1600W Kikusui PWR1600L Current Sources Power Supplies KIKUSUI Japan   DC POWER SUPPLY, 0-80V, 0-100A, 1600W The PWR Series offers constant voltage (CV)/constant current (CC) automatic crossover DC power supplies that enable you to combine a wide range of voltages and currents within the output power rating. For example, the model that has an output power rating of 1600W (PWR1600L) provides a seamless operation range from 80 V - 20 A to 16V - 100A. With a single PWR Series power supply alone, you can cover an extensive output range equivalent to what is... Power Supply
Lab Power Supplies/Soldering Tools Picture Model No. Item Description CFFFFF61@EB97B330.E5E59C55" class="CToWUd" height="128" border="0" width="116"> KPS305D KPS1505D KPS3010D KPS1203D Switching DC power supply 30V 5A.customize OEM, Printing Logo, bulk package 2FB00495@EB97B330.E5E59C55" class="CToWUd" height="113" border="0" width="78"> KPS605DF KPS1510DF 0-60V0-5A0.01V/0.001A FA40B194@EB97B330.E5E59C55" class="CToWUd" height="110" border="0"... Power Supply
PULS DIN-Rail Power Supplies for 1-phase Systems AC 100-240V DC 110-150V PULS Power Supplies
PULS DIN-Rail Power Supplies for 3-phase Systems AC 380-480V PULS Power Supplies
PULS DIN-Rail DC/DC Converter DC/DC Converter PULS Power Supplies