Sound level meters

Sound is a sequence of waves of pressure that propagates through compressible media such as air or water. (Sound can propagate through solids as well, but there are additional modes of propagation). Sound that is perceptible by humans has frequencies from about 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. In air at standard temperature and pressure, the corresponding wavelengths of sound waves range from 17 m to 17 mm. During propagation, waves can be reflected, refracted, or attenuated by the medium.[2]

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TST0120-816 Sound level meters - Germany Accuracy class 2 to IEC 60651 Easy to adjust (adjustment screwdriver included) Frequency weighting to characteristic A and C Maximum and minimum memory Measure Hz and dB Sound level meters
TST0118-815 High Quality Sound Level Meter (Germany) Accuracy class 2 to IEC 60651 Easy to adjust (adjustment screwdriver included) Frequency weighting to Characteristic A and C Maximum and minimum value memory Built-in tripod knuckle screw (1/4 inch) Sound level meters
SEW0004-2310v2 Sound level QUALITY AND ECONOMIAL SOUND LEVEL METER WITH 1 YEAR 1-TO1 WARRANTY  Max. & Min. function.  Over & Under range indication.  4-digit LCD display with bar graph.  Frequency weighting characteristic for 2 times per second.  AC signal output.  Low battery indication.  IEC 651 Type 2 & ANIS S1.4 Type 2. Sound level meters
LUT0223 SL-4023SD SD CARD [REAL TIME DATA LOGGER, SOUND LEVEL METER] • Measurement Range : 30 - 130 dB. • Resolution : 0.1 dB. • Weight : 489 g/1.08 LB. • Dimension : 245 x 68 x 45 mm. • Accessories Included : Instruction manual.......................1 PC Sound level meters
CIA011 AIRFORCE SL-5868P SOUND LEVEL METER WITH RS-232C SOFTWARE CD AND CABLE (LP, LEQ, LMAX, LN) Conforms with all the essential health and safety standards & requirements set out by the European Directives IEC651 Type 2, ANSI 1.4 Type 2 and GB/T3785 compliant Multifunctional and with 30-130dB wide range and built-in calibration signal of 94dB at 1kHz (sinusoidal) Offers 4 measurement parameters Lp (sound level), Leq (equivalent continuous A sound),Lmax (maximum sound level), LN (percent of all readings over... Sound level meters
TEN512-TM-102 Sound Level Meter Product Description - IEC 61672, Type II - 30~130dB. - Auto Ranging. - LO, MED, HI ranges. Sound level meters
TEN520-TM-103 DATALOGGING SOUND LEVEL METER - IEC 61672, Type II - USB Datalogger with 14,000 records. - Auto Ranging. - 30~130dB. - LO, MED, HI ranges. Sound level meters
TEN531-ST-107v2 CLASS 2 INTEGRATING SOUND LEVEL METER (SPL,LEQ,SEL) - Fast, Slow, Impulse response time. - Frequency range: 31.5Hz ~8KHz. - Measurement range: 30dB~130dB. - Dynamic range:100dB. - A/C/Z frequency. - Storage up to 32,000 records. - USB interface. - AC and DC output. - Bargraph display Sound level meters
TES0012-1355v2 NOISE DOSIMETER WITH 5 EVENTS STORAGE /Datalogger/ PC Interface) Measure % Noise Dose / Exposure Time / Sound Level Real time clock with calendar(1355) RS-232 interface(1355) Sound level meters
TEN585-ST-109KKI CLASS 1 WIDE FREQUENCY INTEGRATING SOUND LEVEL METER CUM ANALYSER Specifications - Fast, Slow, Impulse, Peak response time. - Frequency range: 20Hz ~16KHz. - Measurement range: 30dB~130dB. Class 1   Integrating Sound Level Meter      Comply with IEC-61672-1 2002  Class1 Ideal for the assessment of   - Environmental noise. - Noise at workplaces. - Product noise    - Fast, Slow, Impulse, Peak response time. - Frequency range: 20Hz ~16KHz. - Measurement range: 30dB~130dB. - Dynamic range:100dB. -... Sound level meters
TEN540-ST-1304V2 COMPLETE NOISE DOSEMETER SET W USB SOFTWARE AND 1 YEAR WARRANTY - Display Range : 30-90dB ; 50-110dB ; 70-140dB. - Test Range : 41-86dB, 55-106dB and 75-125dB. - Frequency Weighting : A ; C ; Z. - Perform OSHA and IEC Noise accumulation surveys. - Six built-in standard dose measurement setups : OSHA, MSHA, DOD, ACGIH, ISO85, ISO90. - USB Data logger . Sound level meters
CEN0052-KKINSTRUMENTS 392 HANDHELD LARGE-DISPLAY SOUND LEVEL METER W/BARGRAPH - USA   Key Specifications/Special Features: Measurement Range: 30~130dB 60dB Dynamic Space in Each Range Accuracy: ±1.4dB Time Weighting Fast/Slow Frequency Weighting A/C Max/Min Function   Sound level meters
TEN580D-Class 1 Octave Band Sound Analyser(1/3 Bands) - Statistic analysis. - 24HR measurement. - Integral measurement. - Real time analyzer in 1/1 and 1/3 octave band. - Simultaneously measures A, C, Z and F, S, Impulse. - Measurement function: Lxyp, (Lxyi), Lxeq,1s, Lxeq, T, LAE, E,Cpeak+, Cpeak- , LAFmax, LAFmin, LAFeqT, LASeqT, LAIeqT, Laeq(20Hz~200Hz). - USB Datalogger with 128 records capacity. - Real time clock with calendar. - Sampling Frequency: 20.8us(48KHz). - Wide Frequency range: 10Hz~20KHz. - Wide measurement range: 25dB~140dB. -... Sound level meters
TES0013-1356 Sound Calibrator 94dB and 114dB Sound Calibration at 1KHz Accurate and Simple to use Fits 1", 1/2" or 1/4" diameter microphone Sound calibrator