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About KKInstruments

Here, you will find out more about our company,KKInstruments. And hopefully, you will get to understand how serious we are in doing our business. Everything was started from scratch. We will continue to learn no matter how big the company has become.

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Proof of purchase Proof of payment by our current and past customers. The purpose of this page is to show you KKInstruments is an honest business who cares more about our reputations than simply taking payments from you. About KKInstruments
Payment Receipts Proof We have been dealing with several companies with assets over 10 billions. Includes Petronas, IOI Group, KL-Kepong, YTL, Shell Global, Genting Group and many others. About KKInstruments
Penang Office   Penang Office:  1-12B-21, Suntech @Penang Cybercity, Lintang Mayang Pasir 3,11950 Bayan Lepas, Pg. Tel(Pg): +604-641 1381, HP: +6016-550 5065 Fax(Pg): +04-641 1106 Shop Locations