Emergency Mobility Lighting System

Performance characteristics:
The box body and the lamp cap shell is made from high strength plastic, with waterproof technology is good, then system wear, waterproof, dust-proof, anti-static, anti impact, anti corrosion.
Can simply and rapidly disassembled and assembled into the lighting system, safety waterproof box, easy to carry. The battery, rechargeable using energy-saving, high efficiency, environmental protection, no noise.
The burner consists of a CREE high brightness LED lamp, ensure the low energy consumption, high reliability and long life, the lamp life 50000 hours, can be used for a long time without replacement.
Each lamp, (9 watts / 16 w / 24 watts) brightness high brightness is equivalent to the traditional incandescent lamp consumes 300-500 watt power generated.
Lamp design, having concentration (Yuan Zhao), light (photo) function, convenient search and rescue and emergency lighting.
With a telescopic bracket, extension height of 1.8 meters to 2.1 meters, lamp holder can be rotated 360 degrees, convenient irradiation any region.
Equipped with a battery charging converter (AC100-220V), the charger with optional solar panel charger and 12V car, can realize the charging in a variety of environments.
With strobe function, convenient "SOS" call for assistance.

Since diesel or gasoline generator as the power, with an incandescent lamp as mobile lighting system light source is widely used, but this system has many shortcomings, wiring is not easy to install, easy to mix with the generator, causing noise and pollution of the environment, the system bulky and inconvenient to carry, high energy consumption, high cost of repair, in view of the above question, we combine the characteristics of Emmanuel /AURA waterproof box. To develop a new generation of green LED portable lighting system, this system has the advantages of small volume, light weight, sealed battery as power supply, low energy consumption and high brightness CREE LED as light source, two optical lighting design, developed a spotlight (Yuan Zhao), light (photo) waterproof lighting system function, this is an energy-saving, efficient, environmentally friendly mobile lighting system, widely used in field training, construction operation, emergency repair, flood control and flood control, medical aid, film shooting, accident treatment of large area high brightness lighting needs working site. Can be used in the wind and rain, snow, fog and other weather conditions, for the army, police, fire, industrial, construction, bring infinite benefits security assistance and other industries, for users to save money, and protect our increasingly fragile environment.
Applicable industries: railway repair, repair subway, aviation repair, road repair, repair line (power plant, nuclear power, communication), tunnel construction, engineering construction, emergency rescue, medical help, petroleum and petrochemical, industrial and mining enterprises, fire, military etc..

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