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Category: Datalogger

Ex 171-3, humidity data logger %RH, °C, incl. starting magnet, battery and calibration protocol; calibration certificates (ISO/DKD) must be ordered separately Theft-proof mounting Control and adjustment option with adjustment set 1-channel: Internal %RH/°C

The BW GasAlertClipExtreme is portable single gas detector designed for users with fixed-duration projects or those who need a go/no-go monitor that's lightweight, compact and easy-to-use. The GA24XT is entirely maintenance free for 24 months GasAlertClip Extreme - Waterproof 2-Year Disposable Gas Detector with Event Logging. Simply press the START/TEST button and the GasAlertClip Extreme is ready to use, providing two years of continuous, maintenance-free operation from the day of activation. The GasAlertClip Extreme is highly water-resistant, with an IP-66/67 housing fully immersible to a depth of one meter. The GasAlertClip Extreme housing includes a integral concussion-proof boot, and a heavy-duty, stainless steel, alligator style belt-clip. A large easy-to-read LCD shows detector life remaining, alarm set points, and peak alarm exposures. The detector's life remaining is displayed in months, days, then hours. A full function self-test veri?es sensor, circuitry and battery integrity as well as function of the audible, visual and vibrator alarms. Stored data can be transmitted directly by IR link to a cordless infrared printer for immediate printout, or to a personal...

Category: Datalogger

Features One button operation - Click and “GO” button instantly starts logging and recording. TWO standard interfaces - Mini USB and SD card for easiest direct communication with your PC - no added interface required. Large display w/ one button backlight - For easily viewing data in poorly lit areas. Longer battery life - Designed to conserve energy for data recording without interruption. Up to 3 years battery life. Standard battery (AA) replaceable by user. Larger memory - Collect up to 2 million measurements. FREE Programming and Analysis Software Fully protected data Rugged design for everyday use

Category: pH meters

Large color graphic LCD display 0.01/0.001 pH display switchable High-performance with the Strong&Float (internal solution concentration checker) pH electrode USB (Host) and LAN equipped Multiple sample measuring capability (turntable connection) Meas. range pH 0.000 - 14.000 0.0 - ±2000.0mV (ORP electrodes sold separately) 0 - 100.0℃

Industrial pH Transmitter HDM-135A(2-wire)/HDM-136A(4-wire) Easy-to-use pH analyzer for field installation in a compact and rigid aluminum enclosure Easier calibration done with standard solution Auto determination of electrode deterioration Alterable output range Automated self-diagnosis of fault (burn-out output) Meas. range -1 - 14

Standard model for pH measurement (HM-30P) Sophisticated type, capable of pH and ORP measurements (HM-31P) Power-saving design; rechargeable battery adaptable Waterproof design (IP67: 1m depth, up to 30mins) Data storage up to 1000 points  Meas. range pH 0 - 14 (HM-30P/31P) 0 - 100.0 degrees C (HM-30P/31P) 0 - ±2000 mV (HM-31P) (ORP electrodes sold separately)

Industrial Conductivity Transmitter WDM-135A (2-wire) / WDM-136A (4-wire) Easy-to-use conductivity analyzer for field installation in a compact and rigid aluminum enclosure Wide application range from ultra-pure water to wastewater  Alterable output range Meas. range Minimum: 0 - 0.2 μS/cm Maximum: 0 - 20 mS/cm

Resistivity Analyzer for Ultra-Pure Water AQM-100A Compact DIN 96 size Best suited for water quality control in ultra-pure water production lines  Two detectors connectable Meas. range 0.00 - 20.00 MΩ・cm