Testo 460 (0560 0460) Optical RPM Meter

Category: Tachometers

The pocket-sized Testo 460 Tachometer is especially handy for optically measuring rpm on ventilators and shafts without needing a contact surface. The ideal distance to the measurement object is between 10 and 40 cm. Simply attach a reflective marker (optional) to the measurement object, point the visible measurement spot at the reflective marker, and measure. Min./max. values are directly displayed at the press of a button.

The Hold-button allows particularly convenient reading of the measurement values. The illuminated display enables easy read-out of the measurement values even in bad lighting. testo 460 is very small, handy and easy to operate. The clip-on protectiove cap, wrist strap and a belt holder provide safe storage, ensuring an especially long working life.


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