Cable tracer/locator

  1. cable is most often two or more wires running side by side and bonded, twisted, or braided together to form a single assembly, but can also refer to a heavy strong rope. In mechanics, cables, otherwise known as wire ropes, are used for lifting, hauling, and towing or conveying force through tension. Inelectrical engineering cables are used to carry electric currents. An optical cable contains one or more optical fibers in a protective jacket that supports the fibers.

Electric cables discussed here are mainly meant for installation in buildings and industrial sites. For power transmission at distances greater than a few kilometres see high-voltage cablepower cables, and HVDC.

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LED and LCD signal strength indicators make it quick and easy to find exact line location. Lightweight and ergonomically balanced. Automatic signal boost makes it easy to trace lines, even those with very weak signals.

Features: ·  Tests shielded twisted pair (STP), unshielded twisted pair (UTP) and coaxial cables ·  TIA/EIA standard wiring pair verification ·  Detects shorts, opens, reversed polarity, crossed and split pairs ·  Generates three distinct, selectable digital tone patterns for cable tracing and troubleshooting ·  Tracing modes can be adjusted for high performance LAN cables ·  Complete set of connector types standard (telephone, LAN and coax) ·  Nested remote allows end-to-end testing of all wiring types ·  Simple testing of LAN wiring and phone lines ·  Detection of common wiring and connector errors ·  Warning of hazardous voltages ·  Checks for reversed telephone wires

NETcat Pro NC-500 Structured Wiring Troubleshooter is a digital tester for fast, accurate checking of cables, wiring and network service. Using a back-lit touch screen display, the Netcat Pro not only tests wiring continuity and proper pair allocation, but measures the length of cables and determines if network service is available.

• Advanced patented non-directional sensing technology.• Superior sensitivity and functionality providing for accurate tracing and locating.• Ergonomic receiver with information-rich full-color graphical LCD.• Graphics and audible signal provide quick and easy to understand tracing feedback.• Traces concealed wiring, locates junction boxes, and finds breakers for live or open circuits.• Locates and identifies blown fuses.• Finds shorts and breaks in conductors.• Low pitch, high volume audible indicator.• User-selectable automatic or manual gain capability for fast, convenient use.• Power saving features promote extended battery life (Auto Power Off).• Can be used on GFCI protected circuits.• Supports transmitter-to-receiver distances up to 4 miles for closed circuit tracing.• Does not affect sensitive electronic equipment on the circuit.